“Ionospheric Data in Japan” is a monthly data book which contains summary plots and characteristics of ionosphere by using four domestic (Wakkanai, Kokubunji, Yamagawa, Okinawa) ionospheric observations.


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※Solar radio telescope data at Hiraiso is available from here.

Latest Data in Japan

Month/Year Title
Aug   2023 Aug  2023 Vol.75 No.08
Jul   2023 Jul  2023 Vol.75 No.07
Jun   2023 Jun  2023 Vol.75 No.06
May  2023 May  2023 Vol.75 No.05
April 2023 April 2023 Vol.75 No.04
March 2023 March 2023 Vol.75 No.03
February 2023 February 2023 Vol.75 No.02
January 2023 January 2023 Vol.75 No.01

Data Archives